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How much value can a garden room add to my property?

Sensitively designed and situated garden spaces will recoup their construction costs almost immediately, in their contribution to the value of your home. Some will make a profit, and all will certainly help your home to sell more quickly. A garden space can enhance and complement your house style, your garden design and the surrounding local landscape.

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Diverse functions

Garden rooms are incredibly flexible and versatile. Essentially, if you purchase one, you will be adding an extra room to your home. This will appeal to prospective buyers in many different circumstances. For example, families with small children may appreciate the garden room as an extra play space. Alternatively, it could be used as a teenager’s hideaway, a studio or a granny annexe.

People who run their own businesses will definitely appreciate a garden room, as it can make an excellent home office. Some people even use their space as a tranquil outdoor treatment room for a massage or alternative therapy practice. The sheer diversity of potential functions means that your garden room will appeal to many different markets, and therefore it will make your home more saleable.


Garden rooms are an effortless addition to your home. See for examples of construction methods and design. They generally require far less maintenance and time-consuming cleaning than the rest of the house and other outdoor structures. They are often constructed with low maintenance cladding, and eco friendly building materials mean that they are well insulated and cost little to heat. LED lights can also sometimes be used to save energy. See for a detailed explanation.

Can I move it?

Although your garden room will add value to your property, you may love yours so much that you can’t live without it. Many garden structures can be moved and rebuilt at your new property. If you think you may want to go down this route, speak to your manufacturer to make sure your design is completely moveable. Make sure you negotiate this with prospective buyers before you complete the sale, though. Make it clear in your property listing with your agent that you plan to take the garden room away, so as to avoid a tug of war between you and your buyers. Of course, you can always recommend your manufacturer to them, and then everyone’s happy.