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Don’t let a zit ruin your day

So you’ve got a big day planned – maybe it’s a job interview for your dream job, a wedding or a hot date and you’ve woken up with a zit! This is not good but don’t panic as there some very clever ways of concealing such a blemish leaving you free to seize the day as you had intended. For Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care, visit Let’s take a look at how the professionals deal with such a challenge.

Layers – Toning down the appearance of a blemish is easy with some layers. For a blemish that’s red, you should use a yellow colour corrector which will tone down the blemish’s redness. To finish it off, set with an oil free powder to set the corrector and the foundation so that your blemishes stay hidden all day.

Cheat – if it’s not too big and you’re going somewhere where you’re not known then you could always take a brown eyebrow pencil and dot over it to turn it into a beauty spot.

Lighten – for concealing blemishes, use a highlighting cream or a highlighting pencil as this will make the blemish a lighter shade. Once you have done that and it has dried, apply a skin-matching concealer. This can then be set with a loose translucent powder applied with a fluffy brush to avoid smearing the concealer.

Skin matching – After you’ve applied concealer, you need to ensure that the foundation you are using is the exact same shade as your skin tone so that it looks as natural as possible. It’s not true that a darker shade of foundation hides blemishes better.

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Choose Minerals – Mineral foundation has the ability to conceal blemishes better than liquid and you can apply as much as you need without worrying about it caking up. With mineral makeup, blemishes will be a lot less noticeable.

Trickery – If your blemish is large enough that it casts a shadow, like a bruise or dark circles under your eyes, you can counteract that by using an optical illusion. Using a light-colored concealer beneath the blemish, the emphasis won’t be on the shadow anymore. Set with a powder so that the concealer remains in place.

Before applying any concealer and foundation, you should use some ice to reduce the pimple’s swelling and flatten it slightly. Your make up will go on smoother this way and hide the pimple better.

Remember that rubbing concealer and foundation on your face isn’t good for your skin. Instead, you should pat concealer and foundation on with a sponge. Don’t forget to always carry your concealer with you, particularly if you have oily skin as concealer is prone to fading. To keep your blemishes hidden all day long, you may need to perform occasional touch ups.