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Bill Gates is investing $140m in a possible HIV cure technology

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has invested $140m (£112m) in a potentially groundbreaking technology for the treatment of HIV that could significantly aid its prevention.

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Groundbreaking technology

The new technology, which uses drug prevention implants, could help those who are particularly vulnerable to HIV by offering a consistent flow of medicine. The current treatment for HIV prevention, which is usually taken in the form of a pill, needs to be taken daily to be effective; however, the problem with this type of administration is that if the pills are not taken consistently, the risk of infection is increased. The new treatment could be particularly beneficial for those who are more at risk or more vulnerable.

HIV and STIs can be treated effectively if regular testing is carried out. STI testing in London is widely available, discreet and fast. It is important to get yourself checked regularly, particularly if you are sexually active, as early diagnosis of many STIs can mean that treatment is more effective.

The significant investment by Bill Gates has been placed in the hands of a biopharmaceutical company in Boston and there are hopes that the company will completely change the way in which HIV is treated. This could prove to be one of the most significant treatments in the prevention of HIV.

Potential effectiveness of pump medicine

Interestingly, the ‘pump’ treatment can deliver medicine for up to 12 months and could easily be refilled on an annual basis. The pump-style administration was designed for diabetes sufferers; however, researches firmly believe that this type of administration could also be used in HIV prevention.

If you are worried about the risk of infection and have not been tested for STIs, it is important to get tested now. Many people feel embarrassed, or lead very busy lives, which could delay or put off testing; however, testing kits are a discreet and fast way to get tested. You can order a test kit from websites such as, while further information on the treatment and prevention of STIs is available from the NHS.

Bill Gates’s charity also invested around $50m in equity shares in Intarcia Therapeutics, the company that created the pump.