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5 more ways to improve member retention in 2017

Bringing in new members is important to keep any member association buoyant, but retaining that membership is another matter entirely. Here are a few considerations that might help your efforts.

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Stand out from your competitors

Take a look at other organisations and their membership schemes. What can you offer your members that will set you apart from the rest? Whatever scheme you choose, make sure it matches your members’ needs and update it regularly to keep it interesting and relevant. A refreshed scheme will retain your members’ attention, and ultimately, their subscription.

Customer Experience

It’s not just your membership scheme that will keep your customers loyal. Every point of contact your members make with your association will have an impact sooner or later on whether they decide to renew their membership. Train your customer-facing staff, and make sure your members are getting the best experience. You should also ensure all your staff are educated on the benefits of membership.

Identify your most loyal members

There is nothing like a bit of free publicity. Take advantage of those who like to sing the praises of your association to other members. They might be preaching to the converted, but they’re reinforcing the loyalty of their fellow members. Take care to build a relationship with them in order to harness their passion to drive your membership even higher. As suggested by¬†, a member mentoring program is one way to retain existing members while establishing and settling new members.

Keep your technology up-to-date

A robust membership system that communicates with all your other systems will help you deliver a better quality service to your members. Software developers such as can provide membership management systems that can help you identify and target your members with the right content and incentives to strengthen your retention levels.

Stay in Touch

Keep your members up to date with the latest marketing information, incentives, prize draws, regular membership account statements, and whatever else will draw them in to keep their membership active. Keep them involved by sending out surveys, and communicate with your membership to identify problems. Present those who leave with an exit interview. This can help you to gain some insight into why some members don’t renew and pre-empt the problem in the future.