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10 Reasons to Use Online CRM

We talk and write and much about the benefits of working and managing your company with CRM Online. Its advantages are almost uncountable. Your professional and above all business scenario will change and the productivity of both you and your team will be more than increased. It is so and we are so convinced that we have become a mantra: CRM Online is the best for the management of your business. In addition we believe faithfully and with it on our minds we work every day to create an increasingly powerful tool, with new features that add more and more (as the last in which through CRM you can send emails directly ) And with an interface that is fun and we could almost say fun.

This is our main principle and goal: save time in managing your business but sometimes we think it is not too clear why you need a CRM Online or why, although if you think you need a CRM maybe you have the doubt Why it’s best to be Online . Today we come to solve this question with 10 very clear and determined reasons that will surely help you to clarify all the doubts. We will be very clear and concise but if at the end of the post you have any questions, doubts or are not 100% convinced, ask us and we will directly comment on your situation.

10 Reasons to Use Online CRM

1.- All the information of customers, suppliers, potential users, leads … In one place.

If you contract a CRM Online (tool with which to manage the contacts of your company , sales cycle and other actions) you will have, in a single place, all the information of each of your contacts, whether existing clients, potential customers, Old customers (much needed to resume activity at low hours), suppliers, leads. With all the information we refer to everything even if it seems useless at any given time: phone numbers, email addresses, various contacts within the same company, physical address and annotations that can be very useful before any action or campaign.

With a CRM Online you forget the notes in notepads, the papers lost by the office, the business cards that someone in your team has. It centralizes all the information and also, within reach of all.

2.- Perfect organization and order.

In addition to having all the information of your contacts in one place and to be able to add tasks and other really useful actions, everything will be really organized and organized in an optimal and more studied way so that it is easy, quick and easy to find what you are looking for. Do not spend a second more unnecessarily looking in a tool that phone you need. You can intuitively get there where you need to go. Order is fundamental to increase productivity.

3.- Schedule of tasks delimited and controlled at all times.

If a company without contacts is nothing, neither will be without an optimal task management. If you have a very valid team but do not know what they have to do, at what time, who are involved or what the process of the project, it will not serve as cracks in your area. They will be resources more than wasted. With CRM Online you can have the entire agenda of tasks perfectly structured and assign roles and actions to each member of your team.

4.- Permanent availability and at any time.

And here’s the key to why CRM Online … because you’ve seen (above all time ago) CRM capabilities “installed” locally on your computer or even you already have it and now you ask what the real need is that Be Online. Precisely to stop needing the tool to be “installed” on a local computer is the goal. Because everyone will need access at a certain time and above all, you. As a self-employed or business manager you do not have nor will you have schedules (although we also warn that this is not productive and that to render more tomorrow, you have to have private life today after work and know how to separate), You will want to be connected 24 hours a day and have access to your business data at night on your sofa and not have to rely on office hours. At any time, with a CRM Online that is in the cloud that you can enter from a mobile phone with Internet connection, it will be possible and feasible to make that call or send that email to a possible client.

5.- Availability from anywhere … Absolute accessibility.

It not only counts the time of the day in which you want access but also the place. Now that offices and companies are increasingly relocated and with any mobile device (phone, Tablet, laptop) we can access the Internet from the beach, the mountain or a cafeteria, you cannot afford to have to go to your office and your Computer to query a data. If your CRM is in the cloud and it is Online, this problem is saved. Now everything easier and without having to think that you have to take that phone number you wrote down to call later.

6.- Greater security for your information.

It is your company and all your information that is at stake. You cannot depend on a computer that at any given moment has a problem or mishap and is spoiled by staying inside everything you need to work. Security is fundamental and if you contract an Online CRM you will ensure that nothing is lost, that you are making the necessary backups so that everything works correctly and that you are also protected from cyber-attacks. Do not put all your work, experience, contacts in play … It is very easy to safeguard everything with a good tool in the cloud that worries about this for you.

7.- Metrics and analytics of your current situation in real time.

Knowing how your business is and its status in real time is critical to being able to make certain decisions at a crucial time. From CRM Online (and more that also has many other areas to integrate as project management , billing and others) you can extract updated and general metrics of your business about which customers are active, what products and services you have sold , How is the relationship with them and so can advance on insurance.

8.- Optimization of sales.

Your biggest goal will always be to sell and with CRM Online you will have an overview of your customer portfolio and in what situation is your relationship with them. With this, taking quick and effective actions to increase sales will be much simpler but above all coherent and you will generate more effectiveness with the same or less effort. A CRM helps you to sell more and if it is online because you will not have barriers of place, moment or lack of information.

9.- Customer loyalty.

It is said that it is much easier to keep a customer and sell more things to someone who already knows you, has trusted you and buys you to get a new customer so, with your CRM Online you can see who are your most interesting customers and To attack over them actions of loyalty more than effective. It’s like having an open map of your business situation updated instantly.

10.- Economic saving.

And of course to finish but not least, the subsequent economic savings that you will have to have a CRM Online. First of all, as you can see in, the prices are affordable and more than achievable for your company. And because what you are going to save in time, loss of information and other steps, is priceless it is very worth making this investment. In addition, if your CRM is Online is included the support of if the tool at any time has any incidence unlike if it is a product that you have located in your computer.

And now, are you convinced that you really need an Online CRM for your company? If you want to try now, do not hesitate, we invite you to do so and not only find out what your CRM can do but everything that can help you in managing your business. More onĀ